Is it robbery or just taking ?


We live in 21st century and thank to Japanese and everyone else who was involved in creating digital ground, we almost use internet in every aspect of our lives. It intended as a tool that was designed in order to provide more high-profile and rapid communication between educational entities of USA. But, as time moved on, Internet itself became versatile in consumption. After “Mosaic’s” release, which was first popular internet browser, massive commercial potential of Internet was discovered and immediately grasped by Microsoft.  Individual entrepreneurs also started to move on to digital field. Pizza Hut, Internshop, Amazon and eBay popped up as first internet shopping centers. And if one will evaluate their current status in commercial world, he or she will realize the firm position and immense economic success, behind of which is undoubtedly so-called “marketplace”. Moving into virtual soil, they grabbed the flag of this opportunity and became one of the rule makers and trend deciders on that exact field. Internet also brought new opportunities to artists. On above given sites bands, singers started to sell their art. It was both presenting broader scope of purchasers and new market to sell their records. Yet, apart from all, one new unique feature was most eye-catching and innovational on worldwide scale. Accessibility. Now albums of Clapton, wines from finest grapes of southern France were just a click away. Consumer products were quite lucky, but regret was greater for artists. Especially for musicians and motion picture artists. New marketplace was perfect place for evolution of new type of parasite – piracy. There are tons of sites offering free reach to any sort of paid digital and musical products. Incident that involved Napster and Metallica in 2000 may be perfect example. Metallica sued Napster, which was a P2P sharing site that uploaded one of their songs, to be precise “Mission Impossible: II “soundtrack “I Disappear”, which turned out to be provided for free downloading. So due to hit to band’s economic profit, band sued the platform. Well,this was not so welcomed by Metallica’s fans, cause a huge dropdown in band’s reputation. Fans claimed that Metallica made music for fans,not for money.But in hindsight, people forgot to realize that apart from being musical act,Metallica was also consisted members who beyond all,were mere humans in need of money that would satisfy their basic human needs.That was of course one example.Yet it brings down another argument to argue about. Is piracy  robbery and violation of author rights or just grabbing item that was designed for human pleasure?It is huge topic that may dwell on forever.But after all,If artists,as owners of piece of music,movie and etc. , put price on their art, then we have to pay.Pay for their hardwork and time spent for creation of those.


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