Gorgoroth also called the Plateau of Gorgoroth was a region in the northwestern part of Mordor in Middle-earth.

The Area:

Gorgoroth stood at the heart of the dark lands of Mordor past theIsenmoutheand Udûnlays the Plateau of Gorgoroth, a vast wasteland in Mordor that holds not many secrets. Most of Sauron’s armies lay in wait at Gorgoroth for their master’s command. Five garrisons of Sauron’s Mordor orcs patrol the dusty plain. Mordor gets its water from Núrn, a lake in Mordor. Orcs and Trolls set up fires to see if anyone is coming in case if an enemy has secretly passed by the Morannon or Cirith Ungol. Gorgoroth stands near the fiery Mount Doom. Gorgoroth was always covered in the volcanic ash of Mount Doom and had no plant growth at all. The plateau was arid with extreme climates and was considered to be uninhabitable by Men or perhaps by anything else that lives.During the War of the Ring, Gorgoroth was the location of mines and forges which supplied Mordor’s armies with weapons and armor. Frodo and Sam looked upon Gorgoroth and passed through it on their way to Mount Doom between March 16 and March 24, 3019.

Popular (well,rather unpopular) Culture:

Many black metal bands benefited from characters and places of Middle-Earth.So did Gorgoroth – Norwegian Black Metal Band

Media File:The Plateau of Gorgoroth with Barad-dûr and Mount Doom in the background by Rodrigo Mendez.


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